Brevet-news for 2018 Agder Langtråkkelag

The 2017 season has come to an end, but do not despair. The 2018 season has already been planned. Well over 70 different brevets were on our programme in 2017. Not necessarily because all brevets were to be used, but for the versatility.  Not all of us have made plans for the days and weeks 9 months ahead.


The dates and which brevets will be offered on which dates have been submitted to our national coordinator, Mr Jens Glad Balchen. There will possibilities of choosing between 55 brevets organized between January 2018 and October 2018.The dates and brevets will be published in our calendar by the end of October 2017.

NOTE: Our 400kms will in 2018 start at midnight, not 6AM as previous years.


There will be 2 new brevets on our menu in 2018; a 400km #3 and a 600km #3. Observant readers of our homepage will notice the similarity to or 1000km #2 and the Christianssands 1200. This is partly correct. The new brevets are based on these two longer ones with a few alterations to fit the distance.


300km #2. There will be a change to the checkpoint at Vigeland. Earlier the checkpoint had been the Circle K gas station at the E39. The new checkpoint will be the YX station. The finishing 20kms will also be changed. The old route along Langenesveien Will be replaced by the road to Brennåsen and then cycle roads to Kristiansand. The change will be made of safety reasons for the riders.

400km #1. Here you will find changes of the checkpoints. The checkpoint at Brokelandsheia will seize to exist. Instead a new checkpoint at Laget near Risør will be added. The reason is due to distance. By using the E18, Gamle Songevei and Fv11, the total distance would be too short for a 400 km brevet.

600km #2. This brevet has been through a change already after it was added last year. The problem has been the ferry going from Kragerø to Stabbestad. The schedule this summer fitted poorly on Sundays. That meant a detour of a couple of miles (Norwegian ones). That was unacceptable. The changes affect the part of the course situated between Åby in Bamble and Søndeled near Risør. There has also been made a minor change between Grimstad and Lillesand. New checkpoints have been added at Sjøbua in Valle, SHELL Amtmannsvingen and Joker Homborsund.

Our other brevets will stay untouched for the 2018-season.


The Christianssands 1200 will due to several different not be organized in 2018. The decision for the second edition has not been made yet. The next possibility will probably be in 2020 as the Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur will be held in 2019.