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Christianssands 1200 is a brevet/audax ride in the southern part of Norway. The ride is approved by Les Randonneurs Mondiaux and can be used as a part of a Randonneur 10000 award. The Christianssands 1200 is a non-supported ride. There will be no bag-drops and no service during the ride. Riders must therefore be able to cope with technical issues, accomodation and food during the race at own knowledge and expense. The Organizer can be of assistance with advice concerning accomodation in Kristiansand and general questions of the route.


The Christianssands 1200 consists of 3 loops, all starting and ending in Kristiansand.

  1. The Eastern loop: Riders start at the University of Agder and head along the coast east to the small towns of Lillesand, Grimstad, Arendal (Checkpoint 1) and Tvedestrand. The route keeps going east through a rural landscape to Sannidal and then along small roads to Valle (Checkpoint 2). At Bamble the route leaves small roads for a few km’s. Please be aware of heavy traffic at main road E18). The route passes Brevik bridge and heads along the old highway east to the towns of Larvik, Sandefjord (Checkpoint 3) and Horten (Checkpoint 4). The route now leaves the coast and heads inland to Hof, Hvittingfoss, Skien (Checkpoint 5) and Treungen (Checkpoint 6). Between Skien and Treungen the route passes its highest point at about 600 meters above sealevel at Gautefall Skiresort. From Treungen the route follows the valley down to Åmli, Birkeland and finally Justvik, 8km before reaching Kristiansand. This is the 7th Checkpoint. The eastern loop is approximately 590km long.

Map: Eastern loop

  1. The Western loop: The route continues through Kristiansand and then west to Søgne and the coastal route to Mandal (Checkpoint 8). Then along main road E39 to Vigeland. Again, pease mind the heavy traffic. From Vigeland the route goes straight south to the Lindesnes Lighthouse (Checkpoint 9) the southernmost point of Norway. Going north to Spangereid, the route then goes further through beautiful scenery west to Lyngdal, Farsund and Lista Lighthouse (Checkpoint 10). The route now leaves the coast and heads north through Åpta to Kvinesdal and then through the valley to Kvinlog (Checkpoint 11). The route now goes east to Eiken and Konsmo (Checkpoint 11), through Songdalen valley back to Kristiansand (Checkpoint 12). The western loop is approximately 360km long.

Map: Western loop

  1. The Northern loop: Now the route goes straight north to Vennesla and the small place of Engesland (Checkpoint 13). At Vegusdal the route turns westwards to Evje and then north along the eastern side of Lake Byglandsfjord. At the northernmost point of Lake Byglandsfjord the small place of Ose (Checkpoint 14) marks the turningpoint and the route goes south along the western side of Lake Byglandsfjord to Evje, the 15th and last Checkpoint. The route now continuies along road Rv9 south to Kristiansand and the finishline. The northern loop is approximately 250km long.

Map: Northern loop

The terrain: Southern Norway consists of many valleys going from the north to the south. Large parts of the route goes east<->west. This means quite a lot of climbs and descents. Not long and steem, but numerous. Between Horten and Treungen and between Kvinlog and Kristiansand You will find the most demanding terrain regarding climbs. The ride also offers cuite a lot of different sceneries. From the small, coastal towns of Lillesand and Grimstad to larger towns like Kristiansand and Sandefjord. From the coastline with small islands, and winding roads to valleys and mountains.

Food/accomodation enroute: Along the coast, there will be no major problems finding food and accomodation. When heading inland, the possibilities are fewer. The route is also made of 3 loops where there is a possibility for establishing a base in Kristiansand for sleep, food and spare parts/clean clothing.

Tunnels: There will be tunnels in this ride, some of them very dark and without lightning. Some tunnels are also prohibited to access walking or with a bike. These tunnels are marked with a round sign with a white base, a red color around the edge and across from up left to down right. There will also be a person walking and/or a bike in the sign.


The checkpoints are placed at grocery shops and petrostations or close to such. Please mind that not all checkpoints are open around the clock. In case of arriving at a checkpoint outside opening hours, the receipts from cashmachines/petrol pumps are valid as long as the date and time is visible on the receipt.

1200km Brevet KRISTIANSAND (Start at 07:00AM)
Place Km from start Km remaining Km betw. checkpoints Checkpoint opens Checkpoint Closes
Saltrød, Arendal (KIWI groceries) 78,8 1126,7 78,8 09:19 (02:19) 12:16 (05:16)
Valle (SPAR Sjøboden groceries) 169,5 1036 90,7 12:00 (05:00) 18:20 (11:20)
Sandefjord (SHELL 7-11 Park petrolstation) 241,7 963,8 72,2 14:12 (07:12) 23:08 (16:08) +1
Horten (REMA1000 groceries) 284,6 920,9 42,9 15:32 08:32) 02:00 (19:00) +1
Skien (SHELL petrolstation) 371,1 834,4 86,5 18:14 (11:14) 07:44 (24:44 ) +1
Treungen (PRIX groceries) 469,5 736 98,4 21:28 (14:28) 14:12 (31:12) +1
Justvik, Kristiansand (JOKER groceries) 591,5 614 122 01:32 (18:32) +1 22:28 (39:28) +1
Mandal (SJØSANDEN camping site) 654,7 550,8 63,2 03:46 (20:46) +1 03:49 (44:49) +2
Lindesnes Lighthouse 697,4 508,1 42,7 05:16 (22:16) +1 07:29 (48:29) +2
Lista Lighthouse 760,1 445,4 62,7 07:31 (24:31) +1 13:00 (54:00) +2
Kvinlog (COOP MARKED groceries) 837,1 368,4 77 10:16 (27:16) +1 19:44 (60:44) +2
Konsmo (ESSO petrolstation) 896 309,5 58,9 12:22 (29:22) +1 00:54 (65:54) +3
Bjørndalsletta, Kristiansand (ESSO petrolstation) 953,1 252,4 57,1 14:24 (31:24) +1 05:53 (70:53) +3
Engesland (Engesland groceries) 1005,2 200,3 52,1 16:17 (33:17) +1 10:23 (75:23) +3
Ose (COOP Marked groceries) 1089,4 121,1 84,2 19:30 (36:30) +1 16:41 (81:41) +3
Evje (YX petrolstation) 1143,6 61,9 54,2 21:35 (38:35) +1 20:44 (85:44) +3
Finish/Total 1205,5 0 61,9 23:47 (40:47) +1 01:00 (90:00) +4


Being approved by the Les Randonneurs Mondiaux, The Christianssands 1200 follows the rules of Audax Club Parisien and Les Randonneurs Mondiaux.

There are also some specific Norwegian rules due to road regulations in Norway:

    1. All riders must adhere to Norwegian traffic laws.
    2. Helmets are not mandatory by law, but are required for this ride.
    3. Lights (front white and rear red) are required by law at all times when visibility is low, including fog and heavy rain, at night, and in tunnels. Lights must be mounted on the bike and can be steady or blinking. The lights must be clearly visible from 300 m distance.
    4. Reflectors are required by law. The left and right crank arms must have white or yellow front- and rear-facing reflectors, and the bike must have a red rear-facing reflector.
    5. Participants must arrange their own insurance that covers accidents and damages. A travel insurance may suffice, provided it does not exclude sporting activities.


The Christianssands 1200 can be accessed through our calendar (Kalender).

Link: Calendar

  1. Use the arrows to navigate to the page for the month of May (Mai)
  2. Click at the 31st of May.
  3. Choose the 1200km Agder Langtråkkelag
  4. Please provide the Organizer with the following information:
    1. Emailadress (Epost)
    2. First name (Fornavn)
    3. Surname (Etternavn)
    4. Adresse (Adress) Street, Town/City, Postcodes, Country
    5. Country (Land) If not from any Scandinavian country, Please use «Norge»
    6. Mobile phone (Telefon/mobiltelefon) Please provide national prefix.
    7. Sex (Male=Mann, Female=Kvinne)
    8. There is no need for providing information regarding cycle club (Klubb)
    9. The entryfee includes a RM-medal, so You might tick the «ja» to the right for «Jeg ønsker medalje».
  5. Close the entry by pressing the blue «Meld meg på»-button.

The organizer will keep You updated and provide You with detailed information through emails.

There is no need for paying the entrance fee in advance. The Organizer will accept payment at the start. «No show – no pay».

In case of a rider for any reason not starting, The Organizer would appreciate to be notified.

In case of late arrival to the start or he/she are not able to or does not wish to finish within 90 hours, the Organizer must be informed.