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General information:

This webpage is dedicated to Norwegian and Scandinavian long-distance cyclists. This does of course not mean that the brevets mentioned on this page are restricted to Scandinavians only. We welcome all riders who finds our brevets an interesting option.

Brevets (or Randonnées or Audax-rides) are offered throughout the World. The brevets are homologated by the Audax Club Parisien (ACP) and our brevets are organized according to the rules and restrictions of the ACP.

This means that all of our brevets (except the brevet populaire) can be used as qualification to Paris-Brest-Paris or as part of a Randonneur 5000 or Randonneur 10000 award.

Information regarding our brevets:

The brevets offered through this webpage are all starting in Kristiansand in the southernmost part of Norway.

We offer 5 different distances, spanning from 200 kilometres to 1000 kilometres. The 200 kilometres, the 300 kilometres and the 1000 kilometres each offers 2 different options. The 400 kilometres and the 600 kilometres offers 3 different options. The different options contains both demanding brevets and (slightly) easier brevets. As a guide to the elevation in our brevets, we say a 200km should contain 2000 meters of elevation, a 300km should contain 3000meters of elevation and so on.

All our courses comes with a map, an elevation chart and a gpx-file for your navigation-unit. The courses can be viewed at or at this webpage.

Information regarding entering a brevet:

Foreign riders interested in participating in one or more brevets can view the dates and distances at our calendar. The brevets offered from Kristiansand are marked «Agder Langtråkkelag». Entries are closed a couple of days days ahead of the date of the brevet.

When entering a brevet, you will be required to give us information regarding your emailadress (Epost), your first name (Fornavn), your surname (Etternavn), adress (Adresse), country of origin (only 4 options, you can choose Norway when being from outside the Nordic countries). You are also required to give information regarding sex (Mann: male, Kvinne: female) and your cycling-club (Klubb). Foreign riders have 2 options regarding club. The first option is «Individuel (21499)». The second option is for riders knowing their clubs ACP-number. Please choose «Min klubb er ikke i listen» at the very top. Then you are required to type your club (Klubbnavn) and ACP-code of your club. Finally you will be required to choose if you wish to recieve a medal. This is an optional extra. The price for a medal is currently NOK 50,-. The fee for brevet-participation is currently NOK 100,-. Payment can be done in advance or at the start.

The registration is complete when pressing the blue «meld meg på»-button.

When registered, you will be recieving an email prior to the start containing information about the brevet.

Information regarding contact:

If you have any question regarding our brevets or participating in them, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our email: all-randonneur(at)